Nadinas | Dorchester County EDA

Small business owner Nadine Clements developed all-natural creams that have been endorsed by celebrities and sold in major retail establishments. Nadine’s story is more than exciting. She traveled as an apprentice potter then spent time in Africa mastering her skill with African women. Learning to simplify and use wholesome ingredients, Nadina’s Crèmes preserve the planet at every stage of production.

In 1995, Nadine was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as an outstanding businesswoman under 40 who created a million dollar business. Clements said, “I am very happy with the joy people have found in my products, it is important for me to help others feel good.” She designed exclusive lines for Nordstrom, musician Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair and was invited to fundraise for Rainforest Action Net with the Grateful Dead.

Focusing on the environment is not the only way Nadine serves the community. Nadine works with adults from the Providence Center, an organization that serves developmentally disabled adults in Anne Arundel County, to create the pottery that holds the crèmes and candles.

Nadina’s Crèmes are different from other products/creams because they are made up of pure ingredients: coconut oil, almond oil, Aloe Vera and beeswax. A little goes a long way since they are highly concentrated. Nadina’s Crèmes have many uses such as moisturizer, massage or bath oil, hair conditioner, gardener hand, and much more.

After taking time to raise her children, Nadine is refocusing on her business and expansion efforts. You can find her products in seven local stores in Dorchester County, Sunnyside Shop, Layton’s Chance Winery Market, Bay Country Shop, Hot Spot, Joshua Tree, Emily’s Produce and Old Salty’s.

For more information, please email or call 800.722.4292.