Maryland economic development association | Dorchester County EDA

The 2014 Annual Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) Conference will be held at the Chesapeake Bay Hyatt Regency from April 27-30. The weekend long event will bring together Maryland’s economic development professionals to focus on this year’s theme Research to Revenue: Harnessing Maryland’s Intellectual Capital for Economic Growth.

“I am excited MEDA has chosen to hold their Annual Conference at the Hyatt in Cambridge. This is an opportunity for leaders in economic development across the state of Maryland to see the many assets that are present here in Dorchester County. The conference will have businesses across the state share how they have gone from research to revenue in their business endeavors,” said Keasha Haythe, Vice President of MEDA. “Additionally, attendees will have an opportunity to get out and explore downtown and other sights of interest throughout the county, and enjoy the water between sessions. I look forward to hearing how water moves them while they are here.”

Local resident and small business owner Johnny Shockley will be featured as one of the conference speakers. Chesapeake Gold will be showcased as one of Maryland’s success stories. Johnny and his business partner Ricky Fitzhugh are also featured as one of the seven business faces of the “water moves us” branding campaign promoting the aquaculture industry of Dorchester County.

MEDA: The mission of the MEDA Foundation is to offer educational workshops, courses, seminars and conferences that increase the effectiveness of Maryland Economic and Community Development practitioners as well as their counterparts in the state who work in partnership to create jobs for Maryland’s citizens.

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