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Why Choose Dorchester?

Viet Nguyen

"This place is amazing. Came for the coworking space, and the place is super clean and welcoming. Great place to come if you need a change of pace from working remotely."Viet Nguyen

"IES Life Sciences has been a Licensee (tenant) of the Eastern Shore Innovation Center (ESIC). The physical resources at ESIC along with coaching and mentoring--finding experts when you have a particular need or question, were a big help in allowing our business to grow. The management team at ESIC take an interest in not only promoting cross pollination of the businesses at ESIC, but making it feel like a community where all businesses take top priority. ESIC is one of the key features for growing business in Dorchester County and having spoken with entrepreneurs from other locations, many wish that a business incubator with such caring staff and services could be available to them."David A. Spiegel, CEO, IES Life Sciences, Inc.

Jim Duffy, Writer, Secrets of the Eastern Shore

"I think of the Eastern Shore Innovation Center as my Productivity Destination. The co-working space is warm, welcoming, and well-stocked. The management team at the Innovation Center are always friendly, helpful, and welcoming. The other entrepreneurs I meet are all working in hard and inspiring fashion on fascinating projects that are all over the map. My business takes me here, there, and everywhere on the Delmarva Peninsula, but this is my ideal place to get things done and moving forward." Jim Duffy, Writer, Secrets of the Eastern Shore

Lynn Rouda

"Terrific place to get advice and direction if starting a business in Dorchester County Maryland."Lynn Rouda

Gene Lauer, Eugene Lauer Consulting

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the co-working space. I lease at the Eastern Shore Innovation Center. This state-of-the-art facility provides great internet service, an excellent working environment, and space options that are very reasonably priced. The very welcoming staff goes out of its way to accommodate whatever is requested. This is a true gem for Cambridge, Dorchester County and the mid-shore region and I highly recommend it."Gene Lauer, Eugene Lauer Consulting

Chris LeFevre, Confit Web Design & Development

"The Eastern Shore Innovation Center has helpful and accommodating staff, a bright and modern space, high speed internet and anything else you could need to incubate a tech startup on the Eastern Shore. I highly recommend visiting!"Chris LeFevre, Confit Web Design & Development

Travis Todd, Co-Owner Ocean Odyssey Restaurant

"Dorchester is home. I returned after college and dove into our family business. There is an authentic sense of community here - a general "get the job done" attitude. Combined with the natural balance of four distinct seasons, access to the Choptank River and waterways, and more seafood, farms and wildlife than you can shake a stick at, I'd say it's a pretty great place to live."Travis Todd, Co-OwnerOcean Odyssey Restaurant

Chris Brisco, Financial Specialist Cambridge Federal

"I enjoy working in Dorchester because there are an increasing number of millennials relocating, building lives and thriving here. There is a great deal of potential to reach your professional and personal goals, live the dream and leave your mark."Chris Brisco, Financial SpecialistQuevera

Liz Russell, Co-Owner Russell Paving, Choptank Bowling

"Dorchester is not only a beautiful scenic county with abundant wildlife and outdoor recreation, but the people are friendly and our relaxed lifestyle offers a great place to do business and raise a family."
Liz Russell, Co-Owner
Russell Paving, Choptank Bowling

Lisa Windsor, Attorney Law Offices of Marla Zide

"Our Dorchester County community has an amazing mix of past and present. It’s both old fashioned rooted in traditional values, yet "up-and-coming" with an exciting revitalization underway. You can’t beat the natural beauty or historical feel of downtown Cambridge. There’s nowhere else like it. It’s a great place to put down roots and practice law."
Lisa Windsor, Attorney
Law Offices of Marla Zide

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