Dorchester County’s Alternative Agriculture Ranch

Located in Hurlock, MD, SB Farms features Dorchester County’s only bison farm. Operated by the Edwards family, SB Farms includes a healthy heard of bison raised in a clean environment. The alternative agriculture ranch began in 1995 and continues to thrive. Selling directly to the community, as well as the farmer’s market and local restaurants, bison is readily available in Dorchester County.

“We raise America’s first red meat,” said Bill Edwards. “Our bison are raised without the use of antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones.” Offering a healthy alternative to other red meats, bison is very lean and should be cooked at lower temperatures for optimal taste. Edwards explained bison is truly native to the United States, and the other popular red meats were introduced during colonization.

The ranch uses best management practices to keep the bison healthy and our waterways clean. The Edwards served on the Chesapeake Bay’s Choptank Tributary Strategies Team and planted native warm-seasonal grasses in their pastures as an added way to ensure best practices.

Tours are available with appointments for parties of 10 people or more and priced at $10 per person. Tours feature the bison up close in their own habitats and last approximately an hour.

For more information on SB Farms visit or call 410.754.582.