Local Realtor Taps Technology; Offers Buyers Video Tours

Like every business navigating COVID-19’s impact, the real estate industry has retooled how they serve both sellers and buyers. From open houses streamed live on Facebook to drive-up settlements where buyers remain in the car to sign off on closing documents delivered by masked and gloved agents, local Realtor Sharon Spedden has seen her world pivot.

“We’re conducting a lot of business by FedEx, working from home to minimize people in office, and adopting many measures to limit physical contact.”

Spedden believes some practices are here to stay as jurisdictions move to permit electronic signatures on title documents. Quick to adopt new technologies, she is working with local photographer Bill Whaley to produce comprehensive videos designed to showcase a property’s amenitites, location and perspective.

She also notes that the pandemic has made Dorchester’s Chesapeake lifestyle more available to potential buyers who now realize they can choose to live where physical distancing comes more naturally.

“We’re seeing people act on their desire to either have a second home or embrace a different pace, place and lifestyle. Realizing they can run their business or work from home opens up opportunities for more affordable properties, enjoy great social amenities, and decrease the risks inherent in a highly populated environment.”

She explained how her daughter, Sharon Real Estate agent Sydney Cohee was contacted by a prospective buyer interested in a waterfront retreat. After conducting Facebook video tours of five properties on the mid-shore, the DC-area couple narrowed their selection to two properties. After visiting both homes, they are making an offer.

As Sydney did with her buyer, Sharon firmly believes that agents who are taking this opportunity to differentiate themselves will thrive in the months and years ahead.

Watch Sydney introduce her buyers to this waterfront gem in a Video House Tour.