TiLT Business Advisors President Tracy Tyler leads a networking meeting on Zoom.


For one local business owner, the Coronavirus provided an opportunity to give back to the community who supported her career over 30 years. Tilt Business Advisors CEO Tracy Tyler is tapping her experience as an executive coach and Vistage Chair to support small business owners by connecting leaders with peers and like-minded professionals.

Each Friday, 15-20 people join Tyler on a one hour Zoom to share insight, problem solve, learn new tactics and network. Two weeks ago for example, the Full TiLT Leadership Group considered how to approach new business development in the time of Covid-19. The topical focus grew from member stating, “what I could really use help with is how to go after new business now.” Offering a solid peer network to lean on, the members then brainstorm, share best practices, and offer professional encouragement.

Tyler, the former President and CEO of Cambridge International, gets tremendous satisfaction from making connections, meeting new people and facilitating introductions. To be eligible, participants must be in a leadership position or owner of a business category not already represented. Contact her at: Tracy@TiltBusinessAdvisors.com to learn more or see if you are eligible. For ongoing advice and insight, subscribe to her blog or follow TiLT on Facebook.