Cambridge-South Dorchester and North Dorchester High Schools participated in the Maryland College Application Campaign (MCAC) Pilot Program from November 11-14.  The goal was to increase the number of students applying to college early in their senior year, especially those from first-generation and college-bound students.

Dr. Henry Wagner, Jr., Ed.D., Superintendent of Dorchester County Public Schools said, “These initiatives provide our seniors with a bona fide opportunity to realize our Student Mission Pledge; the impact can be truly life changing!”

Dorchester County Public Schools were one of seven local education systems that participated across the state of Maryland.  Both high schools had volunteers that supported this “Party with a Purpose”.  The seniors were required to apply to at least one college during the selected time. Some students were able to print and display their acceptance letters as well.

The celebration included college representatives who encouraged the seniors in their process. Food, drinks, and music were provided to set the seniors in the mood and get them inspired.  The guidance counselors, Mrs. Parks and Ms. Nichols, were also present, cheering on the seniors and their accomplishments.