Manufacturing Month | Dorchester County EDA

October is Manufacturing Month! Manufacturing is considered the backbone of economic growth and provides over 100,000 jobs statewide. Over the past five years manufacturing employment numbers have risen in Dorchester County.  According to Maryland’s Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), the first quarter of 2012 showed an average of 1,962 manufacturing jobs in the county and each year since there has been an increase. 2016’s first quarter numbers were recorded at 2,273.

Have you ever wondered what products are produced in Dorchester County? If you have, here’s a short list: boats, airplanes, conveyor belts, architectural mesh, hand grenade parts, High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Technology for thermal energy, hermetic packages, taps for tap shoes, dog beds, corrugated boxes, high performance firearms, custom field guns, regulators for the breath alcohol market, brewery and winery filters, Sherwin Williams paint brush handles, test tubes, soups, mushrooms, chicken, seafood, beer, wine and more.

There is a rich history of manufacturing in Dorchester County. Manufacturing has experienced numerous changes over past decades, but continues to be a major employer for the county.

Don’t forget to thank Dorchester’s Manufacturers this month!