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Dorchester County is ready and poised for additional manufacturing companies. As the expansion of the Panama Canal continues, the Port of Baltimore will endure increased traffic with much larger ships. Vessels will carry goods directly to the East Coast from the Pacific Rim and reduce international shipping costs. The Port of Baltimore is one of only two ports on the East Coast that is capable of handling vessels this size.

Along with easy import/export capabilities, Dorchester County also has many incentives that are attractive to businesses. The One Maryland Tax Credit gives qualifying businesses up to $5.5 million dollars in tax credits. Start-up tax credits of up to $500,000 are available for moving and furniture costs when out-of-state businesses relocate.

According to the Department of Business and Economic Development, Maryland had 106,450 manufacturing jobs in 2013. Advanced manufacturing is on the rise, and Dorchester County welcomes new businesses to join their esteemed manufacturing community.

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