Dr. Anderson | Dorchester County EDA

Adds new product and jobs to Hurlock enterprise

Claude Anderson, founder and CEO of Waterland Fisheries, never lets adversity get in his way. Following the tremendous loss of thousands of his tilapia stock in December when a portion of his roof collapsed, Dr. Anderson resolved to not only restore his Hurlock-based aquaculture business, but to persevere with plans to expand operations.

Those expansion plans are gaining momentum as the former Florida education official, political strategist, and entrepreneur gets ready to market and distribute his latest fresh fish farmed in Dorchester County. In less than four months, Anderson expects to be selling barramundi — popularly referred to as “Asian sea bass,” a mild, flaky white fish to restaurants and distributors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Anderson modified his existing tanks and added additional ones to raise this new species prized for its delicate flavor, firm texture and healthy properties. “We’re setting up our systems now to sell directly to grocery stores, restaurants and distributors within a 100 mile radius,” said Anderson. He anticipates doubling the jobs at his Hurlock plant to 12 or 13 by the end of the year.

For further information visit www.WaterlandFish.com or call (301) 564-6075.