Dorchester-based Delco Packaging Products has been at the frontline delivering critical provisions to Mid-Atlantic manufacturers and food processors. President David DeLuca recognized early in the pandemic that keeping their employees healthy was their most significant priority.

He adopted a number of cleanliness guidelines and protocols when the novel virus first appeared in the U.S. to keep their employees safe whether in the office, warehouse, home or on the road. As a result, with the exception of restricting visitors from the warehouse and having their sales team work remotely, Delco’s daily operations have remained stable the past few months.

Because many of the customers they serve are in the protein industry which has been impacted by employees testing positive, Delco has become extra vigilant with deliveries and recognizes their drivers are on the front line. DeLuca has been gratified and humbled by the efforts their team is making.

“We’re seeing everyday heroes who leave here every day to make deliveries in our territory so that our customers can feed, heal or help America.”

While he has seen inventory shortages and price spikes, he has worked to keep their costs at the same level. DeLuca also renewed his Commercial Driver’s License in the event he needed to drive a delivery truck to either meet demand or step in for an employee.

Delco’s Delco’s Hurlock Industrial Park location has always been a business strength as has the rural nature of many of their customers. Able to easily navigate customer deliveries throughout Delmarva, they do not face some of the challenges others in their industry have such as check points, traffic, and crowds.

For this small business owner, walking into Delco’s office has always felt special and the current pandemic has only reinforced his appreciation that this family-run business is home.

Dominic DeLuca (left) and Calvin Rookard (right) with truck driver Charles Jackson