RAR Brewing

Co-owners Chris Brohawn and JT Merryweather highlight the benefits of doing business in Dorchester County.

Win Transport

Wayne Cole, CFO and Co-owner of Win Transport highlights their continued growth in Dorchester County.

Dorchester Center for the Arts

Mickey Love, Executive Director of the Dorchester Center for the Arts highlights the county’s thriving arts community, A&E District, and art as an economic driver.


Tom Powley, President of GKD-USA highlights business growth and the exceptional quality of life found in Dorchester County.


Lee Simms, CEO of Quevera shares his thoughts on their recent business expansion to Dorchester County, Maryland.


Director of Sales and Marketing, Chris Levine at Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay speaks about Dorchester County, Maryland’s ideal business climate.

Hoopers Island Oyster Aquaculture Company

Johnny Shockley and Ricky Fitzhugh share their story of transition from traditional dredging and hand tonging to sustainable farm raised aquaculture.