Egide Acquires Santier

Following its strategy to concentrate on high-potential markets, Egide announces that it has acquired, as planned, the assets of TMS LLC (or Thermal Management Solutions, dba Santier), with the conditions laid down previously with them.  All these elements will be incorporated into a new US company, created for this purpose and named Santier Inc.Then, the Egide Group structure will be: Egide SA (France), owning 100% of Egide USA LLC, the later owning 100% of Egide USA Inc and Santier Inc.Egide SA, Egide USA Inc. and Santier Inc. are operating business respectively in Trappes and Bollene (France), Cambridge, MD (USA) and San Diego, CA (USA). Egide intends to integrate Santier, Inc. with its current executive leadership team: Kevin Cotner, current CEO of TMS, will continue as CEO of Santier Inc., and Mansoor Mosallaie, current Vice-President of TMS, will continue as the General Manager of Santier Inc. Santier is a world-class manufacturer of engineered thermal management materials, as well as hermetic and non-hermetic assemblies.  They also provide plating services and metal machining capabilities in the San Diego facility.  Santier has achieved in 2016 a total turnover of $ 10 million.   This operation will have an immediate positive effect on Egide’s operating margin …

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