RPS Ensures Cybersecurity with Business Liability Insurance

When 20,000 cybersecurity professionals convene in San Francisco later this month for RSA 2013, they will be at the epicenter of the largest U.S. conference and exhibition for IT security products and services. This is the second year that CyberMaryland, a public-private consortium of business, government and academia, will be on hand to promote the state’s cybersecurity assets.

And while Maryland’s cyber industry leadership is often associated with the federal facilities, technology companies and military installations located here, the state’s digital security dominance can also be found behind the walls of a Dorchester county company, RPS ISG International. For over 30 years, many Eastern Shore residents and businesses worked with the company as their provider of home, auto, health or disability insurance. RPS Technology & Cyber, a division of the Cambridge-based firm, has also built a stellar reputation as a national industry leader providing privacy and network security liability for financial, medical, technology and “traditional businesses vulnerable to such risks as hacking, viruses, denial of service attacks and social engineering.”

For information on RPS ISG’s cybersecurity business line, range of services, or employment opportunities at one of Dorchester’s leading employers, visit www.RPSins.com/TechCyber.