Operation Hire’s New Program

In an effort to increase veteran hiring and retention in the state of Maryland, employers are encouraged to participate in Operation Hire Maryland.  The program has changed from a 100-day challenge to ongoing support of continued veteran hiring and retention efforts in the civilian work place.  If your business participated last year, you are required to fill out a new application since the process has changed.

Businesses who wish to participate can be based outside of Maryland.  However, in order to be counted as hires, veterans need to be Maryland residents for eligibility.  National Guard and Reservists are eligible to be considered as hires.  Once a participant’s application is approved, they will be given the Operation Hire Maryland logo with permission to use on the company’s marketing material.

Employer participants will be required to report veteran hires each quarter via email and attend either one training or one networking event per year.  The networking events will be held regionally across Maryland.

For a full program description of Operation Hire Maryland, please visit the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs’ website at veterans.maryland.gov.