New ENM Structural Welding Company

Dorchester County welcomes new business Aledak Metalwork’s, Inc.  They specialize in the fabrication of structural steel, steel erection, and other miscellaneous metals such as stairs and handrails.  Aledak is a minority-owned, full-service shop located in East New Market.

Owners Stephanie and Donald D. Robbins have lived in Dorchester County all their lives and have 20 years’ experience in the field. Donald said, “We take pride in producing quality work completed on time to meet today’s demanding construction schedules.” Stephanie added, “We are fulfilling a lifelong dream of starting our own business in Dorchester County.”

Donald is a certified CIC crane operator, certified in all types of structural welding, and has a vast knowledge of stairs and handrail codes and regulations.

To learn more about Aledak Metalwork’s, Inc., please visit or call them at 443-205-0030.