Old Values and New Technology

Amick Farms is a fully integrated processor of chicken products located in Hurlock offering a diverse line of frozen and fresh chicken products.  Amick operates facilities in Maryland, Delaware and South Carolina, where the business is headquartered.  From its humble beginnings in 1941, Amick has incorporated old values and new technology to create a business based on service, integrity and quality.

In an act to support a $150,000 loan secured through the Department of Business and Economic Development from the Maryland Economic Development Authority and Fund (MEDAAF), the Dorchester County Council granted Amick farms a $15,000 real property tax credit on their recent expansion.  The expansion will result in a capital investment of $13.5 million and 50 jobs.

The Eastern Shore supports a large agricultural and poultry industry.  Amick employs approximately 800 people in their Hurlock facilities. Their poultry products are sold across the United States and worldwide.

To learn more about Amick Farms, please visit www.amickfarms.com.