Local Business Relocates and Expands to Third Location

Crabi Gras (French/Eastern Shore meaning Fat Crab), a business that specializes in apparel and food flavoring, has relocated to its new home on Sunburst Highway in Cambridge. Owner Keith Graffius has created a business that celebrates the unique customs of the Eastern Shore life through tee shirts, hoodies, hot sauces and much more.

Employing five people, Graffius maintains three stores located in Cambridge, Easton and the latest expansion in St. Michaels. Graffius added, “We are very proud to have started in Dorchester County. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and I pinch myself when thinking about living and working here!” From the start in 2010, Crabi Gras has shown community spirit by hosting several events that attract locals and visitors to the downtown area.

One community member who nominated Crabi Gras for the Inaugural Dorchester County Economic Development Small Business Awards said, “Crabi Gras is a great store. It’s well managed, very pleasant to walk around in, the employees are very helpful, and they sell the best barbecue sauces I have ever tasted.”

For more information, please visit crabigras.com.