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Dorchester County’s Department of Planning & Zoning has exciting new services to offer the public. The county has various mapping applications accessible for the first time to the citizens of Dorchester County. These new online mapping applications include Critical Area Maps, Floodplain Maps, Protected Land Maps, Zoning Maps, and a comprehensive application containing all of the above.

The new mapping applications allow for greater civic engagement and provide a service accessible to the public 24/7. By having access to this information the citizens of the county can explore various different geographical layers and find out information about their property. The outreach efforts will allow citizens to become more engaged in the planning & zoning process while becoming better informed about what types of critical area, floodplain, or zoning is on their property .

The department is excited to offer these new services to the public and look forward to continuing efforts to make information more accessible to the public. The mapping applications can be found on the County’s website (www.docogonet.com) on the left hand side under the tab titled “Maps and GIS Data”. Alternatively, citizens can also find a link to these mapping applications under the Planning & Zoning Departments home page. The Dorchester County Library offers internet access for

The Dorchester County Department of Planning and Zoning has also created a link where the broadband crowdsource app can be accessed. The survey will support the taskforce in addressing the broadband challenges found in the surrounding rural communities. Please visit the Broadband Crowdsource App  and complete the quick survey. Residents without computer access can visit the Dorchester County Library to view the mapping applications.   For more information please visit www.docogonet.com.