After-School Program Empowers Children

The Harriet Tubman Center in Hurlock was created to fill an immediate need by elementary and middle school aged students that were falling behind or needed behavior training. Also included were children who were bright and needed positive life skills development. With the help of her organization, the North Dorchester African and All Americans Independent Growth Alliance (NDAAIGA Inc.), Executive Director Dr. Kay McElvey created and evolved a plan that would eventually be called the Harriet Tubman Team of Excellence. McElvey said, “They chose Harriet Tubman since she was the best to empower children with courage, respect, perseverance, selflessness, faith, leadership, academic excellence and future vision.”

Created in the spring of 2005, the center served as an after-school program that fed students an entire meal, mentored, tutored, and delivered enrichment through a wide variety of curriculum and strategy to fit all the student’s needs. The accomplishments of the students are astounding with most GPA’s 3.0 and higher.

The center has been monumental in the development of many children. To learn more email or to donate visit their website and click on Donations.