Because of Veterans

Move over, J.K. Rowling! Michelle Gregori’s kindergarteners at Maple Elementary School are now published authors too, but their book is about real-life heroes.

The class’s new book started as a Veteran’s Day project last November when Navy veteran Michael Nordstrom was invited to speak to the children about what it means to be a veteran.  Afterwards, the children wrote about the things they are able to do in their lives thanks to the freedoms they have through the sacrifices of these men and women.  Their thoughts, along with the children’s illustrations, have now been published in a volume entitled Because of Veterans.

The children’s writings celebrate veterans in such statements as, “Because of veterans, I am free to go swimming”, “Because of veterans, I am free to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house”, and “Because of veterans, I am free to watch clouds”.

On behalf of the class, Mrs. Gregori donated a copy of the book to the VA Outpatient Clinic in Cambridge.  Karen Windsor, Nurse Manager at the clinic, said, “This will mean so much to our veterans.  It is especially meaningful when they see children learning about their service to our country.”  Mr. Nordstrom was also presented with a copy.