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Maryland high school students set a new record for high school graduation in 2013, according to newly released statewide data. The four-year cohort graduation rate reached 84.97 percent for the class of 2013 – students who entered school in the fall of 2009 – compared to 83.57 percent for the class of 2012.  That represents a remarkable 1.4 percentage point increase in the graduation rate in just one year.

Dorchester County Public Schools are very pleased to announce that the 2013 Dorchester County four-year cohort high school graduation rate rose by 4.61 percentage points to a rate of 83.81 percent! Dr. Henry Wagner added, “These gains in this most critical data point may be attributed to the collective efforts of our students, staff, parents, and community partners over a period of many years and throughout all levels of our educational program. And while we will not be satisfied until our graduation rate is 100%, we celebrate the following four-year cohort graduation rate trends since 2010.”

2010 – 77.84%
2011 – 78.53%
2012 – 79.20%
2013 – 83.81%