CES Pioneers New Product

Cambridge Engineered Solutions (CES), a division of Dorchester-based Cambridge International, recently unveiled DuraFlex Edge – a revolutionary new conveyor belt – to a team of 24 sales professionals in advance of the product’s world launch. Designed by head engineer Skip Messick, the patent-pending conveyor belt features an innovative design that, in tests, has proven to be the most durable on the market.

In announcing the engineering design and operational benefits of DuraFlex Edge, Cambridge International CEO Tracy Tyler said, “Cambridge has been a world leader in the metal wire industry for over 100 years, because we are constantly working to improve products and processes for our customers.”

CES, the world’s largest metal conveyor belting and wire cloth manufacturer, is recognized throughout the industry for outstanding engineering and customer service. With 20 exclusive product lines and over 50 patents, CES has revolutionized industry automation and plan operations.

According to Sales & Business Development Director Larry Windsor, Cambridge works closely with its manufacturing customers to engineer custom solutions. “This new technology eliminates production problems some food manufacturers were experiencing by increasing belt life, decreasing downtime and saving money.”

For information on CES product lines and patents, visit www.Cambridge-ES.com or call 410-901-2660.