Campaign Shows Face of Rural MD | Dorchester County EDA

The Rural Maryland Foundation’s purpose is to support efforts of citizens and governments to meet the economic and social needs of rural Maryland.  They recently traveled the state promoting their ASPIRE campaign and spent four days asking rural residents their aspirations for their communities.  The foundation made a short video from their unscripted responses and shared it on YouTube and other social media outlets.

Charlotte Davis, executive director of the Rural Maryland Council, said, “We wanted to show the face of Rural Maryland.  This video allows us to do that while also demonstrating to viewers who Rural Marylanders are and hopefully convey a better understanding of what our needs are in a positive way.”

Tell the Rural Maryland Foundation what your aspirations are at  To learn more about the ASPIRE campaign, please visit, email them at, or call (410) 841-5772.

To watch the video, go to  You may see a face or two you recognize!