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Originally located in Manhattan, B&G Foods began in 1889 as two immigrant families working together to sell products made from fresh vegetables and other natural ingredients. Eventually growing out of their New York facility, they relocated to Dorchester County in 1983 to a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing plant that provided room for growth.

Carrying their own B&G food lines as well as many others including Ortega, Emeril’s, Polaner, Wrights, Trappey’s, Las Palmas, etc., the business continues to thrive. B&G uses locally grown peppers and cucumbers for their condiment lines. Plant Manager Mike Toadvine said, “Business is going well and we look forward to the future in Dorchester County.”

B&G Foods employs approximately 100 full-time people and 60 temporary throughout the year.  They hire an additional 100 temporary employees during the peak summer months.  Manufacturing has been the very fabric of Dorchester County’s history. For over thirty years, B&G Foods has been part of a county-wide food processing cluster that has begun to capitalize on the integration of science, technology, research and innovation.

For further information on B&G Foods, please visit www.bgpickles.com.