Cambridge’s Interstate Container Company’s Greencoat® Box division is revolutionizing the food packaging industry. Pioneering a ‘wax alternative’ box that is moisture resistant and helps deliver food and flowers fresher, Interstate is literally helping keep almost two million tons of non-recyclable trash out of landfills.

The wax replacement packaging for poultry, seafood, produce and flower industries is 100% recyclable, compostable and repulpable. Developed originally as a partnership with Mountaire Poultry, Greencoat is quickly becoming the ‘gold’ standard in ‘green’ packaging. The company recently announced their selection by Ohio-based Gerber Poultry, producer of Amish Farms Chicken, for all of their bulk shipping and packaging needs. Interstate’s capacity for increased production to meet the growing demand for eco friendly packaging was facilitated by the recent renovations made possible by a $600,000 EDA grant received by the county.

The Cambridge plant has been at the vanguard of using 21st century science to manufacture strong and sustainable packaging to safely deliver agricultural products.