There are many recreational and relaxation options in Dorchester County. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, which sees nearly 40,000 visitors annually, occupies 27,000 acres of woodland, rich tidal marsh, freshwater ponds, and managed cropland. The Refuge offers unique opportunities to observe resident and seasonal birds in their natural environment, and is one of the chief wintering areas for migrating ducks and Canada geese using the Atlantic Flyway. It’s also a great place for hiking and bike riding.

Smaller, traditional parks are scattered throughout the County, with the largest being Great Marsh Park in Cambridge, which has a picnic area, play area, fishing, boat launching, and a circular track for exercising.

The Cambridge Marina at Long Wharf Park is a beautiful place to fish, crab, or just relax and enjoy the view and the breeze from the Choptank River. Other park locations include Secretary, Church Creek, East New Market, and Vienna. With 1700 miles of coastline along the Chesapeake Bay, Choptank, Warwick, and Blackwater Rivers, boating is a popular sport in Dorchester County.

From kayaking, to sailing on the Skipjack Nathan, to Cambridge Regatta powerboat racing, water sport options are both intriguing and exciting.

Youth and adult team sports from children’s T-ball to adult baseball and softball leagues, as well as soccer, tennis, and excellent golf courses, provide additional recreational options. The Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Resort’s championship course and Clearview At Horn Point are two of the more popular golf courses. The County also has a very active YMCA, which offer youth team swimming.