Phillips packing house | Dorchester County EDA

The development of The Packing House, a 60,000 square foot historic factory warehouse from the 1920’s, continues to progress.  Key contributors from the Cross Street Partners development team met recently to provide an update on the progress and vision to the community.

Bill Struever, CEO & Managing Partner, of Cross Street Partners development group said that he gets great delight in celebrating the history that is deeply routed in the revitalizing of industrial buildings.  In the interview, Cross Street Partners described the vision of The Packing House as an active mixed-use development that would have great benefits to the community of Cambridge including new jobs, economic growth, and launching pad for new businesses.  The consensus amongst the group was that this development would help to encourage those passing through Cambridge to stop and enjoy all that we have to offer.

The expectation is that as early as this fall the first tenants will be able occupy the building.  Some of the planned space includes office and retail space, Blue Oyster Environmental, a shared kitchen, an atrium, and many others.

The entire WHCP Community Conversation interview can be found in the video below.