Seafood and Canning Show and Sale to be Held

In the heart of the land where canneries were situated at every crossroads, the Seafood and Canning Show and Sale will be held on Sunday, February 18th at the East New Market Volunteer Fire Department from 10 am until 4 pm.  Vendors and displays from Havre de Grace to the Eastern Shore of Virginia will be on hand for this first ever agriculture and heritage related event.  Collectors of canning and seafood related memorabilia as well as those who love the history, art and culture of this time period in Delmarva history must plan to attend.

Beginning as early as the 1850s, fruits and meats were being canned in tin cans rather than preserved in glass containers on the Eastern Shore with tomatoes, corn and peas being the most canned by 1870.  The canning of oysters and fruits was highly profitable for the canning houses as well.

This history of the canning and seafood packing industry is interwoven with that of the farmers, watermen, their families and laborers of that same time period.  A tremendous part of the population profited by the success of these farm goods processors and seafood houses.  The entrepreneurial spirit of the cannery owners cannot be discredited in this story either.

The connection to this heritage is readily evident and collections began for many by simply storing away personal mementos from their own family story.  Tokens, labels, crates, cans and much more help to put substance to this agricultural and seafood era which is enhanced by the stories of the workers themselves.

Quality exhibitors and dealers will be on hand at this event and can be expected to share the stories of the businesses and the families that relate to their offerings.  To those who have not experienced this particular history or hobby, this will be a perfect time to become introduced.

For those who wish to have more information or to rent tables for this event, please call Ann at 410.228.7953/443.786.8522.  Table rental is $20/one, $35/two.  Admission to this event is free, although donations to the Dorchester County Historical Society, a qualified nonprofit organization, are appreciated.

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