Dormaim Green | Dorchester County EDA

When Dormaim Green became a relator in 2009, she never imagined that a decade later she would be “leading one of the largest, most important organizations on the Mid Shore covering Dorchester, Talbot and Caroline counties” and she opened her own Real Estate Company “The Property Shoppe”.

Today, this successful business owner and licensed Broker/realtor owns a real estate brokerage and management firm with offices in Cambridge. And, as President of the Mid Shore Board of Realtors (MSBR), she continues to open doors: Dormaim is the first African American to serve as President of the MSBR in its 67-year history. She is also the first African American to own property and a real estate Company on Poplar Street in Downtown Cambridge.

Passionate about her profession, family and community, she is a Cambridge native and mother of five. Together with her husband Elbert, the Greens raised their family – which now includes eight grandchildren – while operating three businesses and acquiring four properties.

For two decades, Dormaim worked as a paralegal and administrator for local government agencies including the Cambridge and Easton Housing Authorities and Dorchester County States Attorney’s office.








While the former government employee turned successful entrepreneur embarked initially on a different path, she was always interested in real estate. In her twenties, Dormaim and her best friend exercised daily by walking through Cambridge’s neighborhoods. They’d often stop to admire homes with sale signs out front.

After she and Elbert purchased their first home, she realized their lack of knowledge about the process resulted in an unfavorable loan. Dormaim worked hard to educate herself on her options and retired the portion with high interest in just three years.

It was the inspiration she needed to pursue her real estate license. While fear held her back initially, she overcame the mental hurdles and put a plan in place to realize her dream.

Dormaim is proud to be the only female-African American broker in Cambridge and one of a handful of women who have built successful real estate companies here.

Several hundred clients have bought and sold homes with The Property Shoppe since its founding. Her niche market is first-time home buyers, homes for men and veterans.

“First and foremost, I work to educate the community and my buyers on homeownership. I help them take steps to become credit worthy and even work to renovate dilapidated properties with home rehab loans.”

From beginning to end, she enjoys the process of helping people purchase a home or find a qualified buyer to sell their home.

“I love showing people homes and the time when I get to say “Congratulations, you got the house!’ It is an amazing feeling knowing that I helped a buyer accomplish the most important and most expensive purchase of their lifetime.”

“My vision for The Property Shoppe is to become a well-known local real estate office. I would like to branch out and open in neighboring cities and counties.”

She also owns a bail bond business and holds both her brokers and property and casualty insurance licenses.

She points to the qualities that continue to inspire her to live, work and give back to her community.

“I love the ease of living in Dorchester County and ability we have to raise our families in a close-knit atmosphere,” she says. “I enjoy walking the streets of Cambridge or along the waterfront, driving the country roads, and taking in the history and beauty of our towns.”

It inspires me when I get to drive potential buyers, who are not locals, around Cambridge to show them the beautiful sites in our community. I love the reaction from people who repeat ‘it’s so beautiful and peaceful here.’ Living in Cambridge is serene. Buying a home in Dorchester County is affordable and a great place to live and retire.”

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