Lindy's seafood

Lindy’s Seafood is a second generation seafood processor and wholesaler located in Woolford, MD.  Started by Terry Vincent in 1984, Lindy’s Seafood is now  jointly operated with his daughter, Aubrey. 

The love for the water, seafood, and boating led Terry to learn the trade and business from mentor and long time friend Lindy Pritchett. The pair started by selling their daily catch and then expanding to a retail location in New Jersey.  Since then they have planted roots back on the Maryland shore,  and have expanded to shipping live crabs, crab meat, and other seafood up and down the entire east coast, including Canada.

Lindy’s Seafood set up shop in a formerly used  chicken house and still use that as their main office and retail location.  They also have a processing plant in Hoopersville, MD but you can find their seafood in many restaurants in the county and throughout the mid Atlantic  coast. Vincent believes Dorchester County has a lot to offer and they are grateful to be part of it since the seafood industry is such an economic driver in the county.

Over the course of the last year Vincent said that there was an uptick in their industry mainly because everyone was at home with their families and looking for comfort food and seafood.  This year they are hoping that the weather and harvest will lead to another great season.  So far, the unseasonably cool water temperatures have made for a slower start, but as things continue to heat up this summer they are expecting to meet demand and maintain their partnerships.  

Currently, Lindy’s Seafood has 65 full time and seasonal employees and partners with nearly 100 local watermen every season.   Their future plans include continuing to grow the family business in Dorchester County.

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