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As a result of the pandemic, iValue LED – a small and woman owned business headquartered at the Eastern Shore Innovation Center – recently announced new products to reduce the virus’s spread. The LED light and energy supplier partnered with manufacturers and service providers to offer thermal camera detection technology and antimicrobial lighting systems to increase safety in a variety of settings.

Thermal Camera Detects Fever

According to CEO and Founder Ladda Walker, one of Covid-19’s major symptoms is a fever. To safely and quickly gage if fever is present, iValue designed thermal camera detection technology for temperature check points.

“This one tool can greatly assist in reducing the virus’s spread by detecting elevated temperatures,” Walker says. “This system provides confidence to workers, customers, and employers that preventative measures are being implemented.”

Using Infrared Radiation (IR), thermal cameras detect elevated body temperatures and make preliminary screening very efficient. It only takes one second for an IR camera to read a person’s temperature as they pass through a check point. And, because the cameras can product accurate measurements from up to one meter, they avoid physical contact thereby further reducing the risk of infection.

Walker plans to offer iValue’s Thermal Camera Detection technology to government facilities, businesses and schools.

New System Pairs Antimicrobial Lights

iValue LED’s innovative products integrate antimicrobial technology directly into light fixtures. The company partnered with ePoweron to develop a smart control system for antimicrobial lighting.

The system provides continual disinfection by targeting and treating harmful microorganisms suspended in air, trapped on objects, or residing on surfaces.

“Because heavily traveled and crowded spaces pose a variety of health and safety challenges, we paired antimicrobial technology with high efficiency LED light fixtures to minimize risk factors inherent in such areas.”

iValue LED

Future is Bright for LED Lighting

The past few months have taught this entrepreneur that flexibility is the key to survival and innovation is critical to develop solutions for ‘novel’ situations.

“The message of flexibility and innovation really resonate with me during the current crisis. As it is often said, opportunities are everywhere, you just have to realize them.”

iValue is exploring additional products and services to enhance environmental safety. To learn how you can secure LED and thermal technology systems, contact Ladda by email or visit their website.

If you have a new business service or product to tackle the Coronavirus and would like to learn about Dorchester’s start-up incubator, visit here or contact Susan Banks by email or phone 410-228-0155.

iValue Lights Statehouse Dome Blue for Health Care Workers

When Maryland Governor Larry Hogan proclaimed May 2 Light Up Blue for Health Care Heroes Day, hundreds of offices saluted frontline workers. In Annapolis, the State House Dome was awash in blue lights provided by iValue LED in Cambridge Maryland.

Maryland State House Lit Blue for Health Care Workers
In 2018, Maryland replaced the Annapolis State House’s dome lighting with iValue LED lights.