Over 600 Ironman Maryland backpacks have been donated to Dorchester County Public Schools, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Diana Mitchell announced. The backpacks were presented by Gerry Boyle, Race Director of Ironman Maryland.

“We are very grateful to Ironman Maryland for this gift,” said Dr. Mitchell. “Ironman Maryland is a such a valuable partner, supporting our schools and students in many different ways. We look forward to continuing to work together in 2018 and beyond.”

Mr. Boyle said, “We are glad to be able to support Dorchester County’s schools and involve the students in Ironman Maryland in as many ways as possible. This year over 300 students volunteered to help with the event. It is this kind of community support that makes Ironman Maryland a popular race for triathletes.”

The Ironman Maryland backpacks will be distributed to students through individual schools.