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Coworking Day is celebrated on the 9th of August every year. It is a day meant to appreciate the achievements, as well as encourage the concept of coworking around the world. People with a variety of professions gather to work side-by-side in coworking space. While members may have unrelated work, they often exchange ideas, give feedback, and offer encouragement. Some members even collaborate on projects together.

Coworking space provides great community and networking benefits and are optimally designed to boost productivity–a great alternative for individuals and organizations in search of a workplace. Not having the interruptions of working from home makes coworking a better option in terms of productiveness.

The Eastern Shore Innovation Center (ESIC) coworking space provides a flexible and professional environment that empowers members to focus and create their best work. The Center offers affordable coworking membership options that include amenities like access to shared office equipment, conference rooms, secured WiFi, 24/7 badge security access, whiteboard walls for ideation, snack bar with free coffee, and much more.

Discover how ESIC coworking space can ignite and fuel your business. Contact management at today to redeem your Complimentary Co-Working Space Day Pass.