Four Eleven Kitchen | Dorchester County EDA

Based in Cambridge, the Four Eleven Kitchen is part of the new Packing House development. The founder and CEO of the shared kitchen, Amanda Kidd, is also the owner of Beat the Rush Delivery and has a vision of creating a hub for “foodpreneurs” that cultivates a thriving food community here in Dorchester County.

The shared-use kitchen is currently estimated to open in the fall of this year. The facility will be open 24 hours, certified by the local health department, and can hold  40-60 businesses. Once open,  the commercial kitchen would be available for caterers, start-ups, expanding food businesses, those that are in development, as well as food enthusiasts.  The space also lends itself to be a great space to offer and host training, workshops, and classes for the community. 

Amanda said,   “the Four Eleven Kitchen is designed to empower, elevate, and establish a thriving food entrepreneur community and support the local food economy.”

If you are an existing or future FOODPRENEUR and would like more information please visit us HERE.