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FROM:    Dorchester County Emergency Services

DATE:     Tuesday September 14, 2018

The Maryland Department of Human Services is opening two shelters to support any travelers, evacuees or residents in need of shelter during any storm or associated flooding. The Department of Emergency Services has not issued any evacuation orders for our area, but the shelters are available should any residents be concerned about their potential impacts from the tidal flooding expected this weekend. The Eastern Shore shelter will be located at:

Chesapeake College
Health Professions and Athletic Center
1000 College Circle
Wye Mills, MD 21679

The shelter is pet friendly, and anyone using the facilities should plan on bringing prescription medications, pillows, hygiene supplies, medical equipment, diapers, cell, phones, chargers, important documents, and any other personal comfort items if possible. If you need assistance getting to the shelter, please contact the Department of Emergency Services at 410-228-1818.

“It is important for everyone in our community to know that if they are concerned about their properties being flooded by tides this weekend, there is a place to go,” said Dorchester Emergency Services director Anna Sierra. “We do not anticipate issuing evacuation orders at this time. We are encouraging all residents to keep a vigilant eye on tidal flooding in low-lying areas and consider going to a shelter if they believe they will be in danger from inundation.”

Dorchester County residents should monitor their television, radio and social media outlets for evacuation notices. These notices will also be made by telephone, and residents are urged to register for these emergency notifications at the Dorchester County website (link:

Residents also need to know if their home is in, or near, and evacuation zone. Those zones can be found on an interactive map on the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) website. (link:


Register to receive county updates:

‘Know Your Zone’ Map:

If you would like to register to receive alerts directly you can sign up at: go to button that says “sign up for emergency alerts”.

If you are in a life threatening situation, please call 911.

Jeff Trice       443-205-2507

Dorchester County Economic Development Director

Dorchester County Emergency Operations Center Public Information Officer