Business Spotlight: DS Smith

DS Smith Sustainable Growth

DS Smith is an international manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions and paper products that are 100% recyclable and has a manufacturing plant located in Cambridge.  The local plant specializes in providing die-cut, and water-resistant corrugated paper products used in the poultry and seafood industries. 

Recently, DS Smith of Cambridge has invested over $8.5M in production improvements, plant upgrades, and equipment advancements to better align themselves with advanced product designs and processes focusing on a major goal of sustainability. The company aims to have zero carbon emissions by 2030 and zero landfill contributions.

In the last year alone they have grown their workforce to 148 employees, a 14% increase, with an intent of hiring an additional 15 employees as soon as possible. In the next 3-5 years, DS Smith in Cambridge plans on undergoing a $10M expansion in the area.  To view their job opportunities, CLICK HERE.