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Susan Banks, Director of Dorchester County Economic Development Office, delivered a COVID-19 Relief Grant to Danielle VanReil, owner of Mirror Mirror on Race Street in Cambridge.

Qualified Non-Profit Organizations Now Eligible

Dorchester County has opened up a second round of business grants for small businesses experiencing interruptions and loss of income from the ongoing pandemic. Applications are available and being accepted effective August 6 through August 17. The COVID-19 Relief Program provides a $3,000 grant per organization, plus $100 for each full-time employee, to help offset income loss from the coronavirus and pay qualified expenses.

Select non-profit organizations may also apply for a COVID-19 Grant in this round if they have had continuous non-profit standing with the federal government for three or more years and have an established Dorchester County operation. Eligible organizations must meet one of the following criteria: Increase local job opportunities; have at least one, full-time paid employee; provide support services to local businesses; promote tourism; support business retention; and/or expand or promote Arts and Entertainment.

To qualify, small businesses must: Have 50 or fewer employees; demonstrate a loss of revenue and disruption due to COVID-19; have been in operation prior to February 1, 2020; be in good standing with the State of Maryland, and registered if required by law; and, not currently be in default on any loans from Dorchester County or delinquent on any taxes owed Dorchester County.

Funding priority will be given to businesses who have not received any federal or state, or county economic assistance at the time of application. The remaining applicants who have received other COVID funding will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

For complete terms, program requirements and to download the application, click here. Paper applications are available Monday through Friday (8:30-4:30) from the Dorchester County Economic Development Office located in the Eastern Shore Innovation Center at 104 Tech Park Drive, Cambridge.