Doco axe | Dorchester County EDA

DoCo Axe Co. officially opened earlier this month on October 6th.  It is the only World Axe Throwing League (WATL) affiliated venue on the eastern shore. DoCo Axe Co is open on the second floor of their sister restaurant, Lil’ Bitta Bull BBQ and was started because the owners, Jeannie and Henry VanDyke, saw a need in the county for a fun and adventurous sport that the local residents would really gravitate to. 

According to WATL, there are multiple axe throwing games that groups can play depending on the amount of people they have with them. However, the main purpose of axe throwing is to improve accuracy in order to hit the target specifically where you are aiming to win the specific game they are playing- mainly being the killshot (bullseye). 

DoCo Axe Co. is currently open every Wednesday through Saturday with 5 active lanes available for axe throwing groups.  They offer food and drinks from their downstairs restaurant for an  evening of total entertainment.  What sets DoCo Axe Co. apart from similar recreational venues is that each of the 5 lanes has their own personal WATL certified coach  to help each participant improve their throw and strategic game play. 

No matter why you are coming in, DoCo Axe Co. has created an axe throwing experience that’s just right. They are currently hosting walk-ins, small groups, corporate events, and celebrations of all kinds.  Beginning January, they will also be starting leagues. Continue to follow them online for more information on  joining

They are currently looking to hire 5 additional coaches and will provide specialized WATL certification training. If interested please inquire directly with DoCo Axe Co. 

To  learn more about DoCo Axe Co visit their website here: or by visiting their Facebook page.

You can also book a reservation and sign the mandatory waiver directly online by signing up here.