Culta is a craft cannabis curator with multiple locations, including a large facility in Cambridge that opened in 2018. Over the past year Culta has seen significant growth going from roughly 100 employees to 195 year over year with expectations of future growth. At Culta they are focusing on cultivating plants and their people simultaneously in order to support their growth. By creating a  quality product while helping to support their employees they believe  they will be able to double in size each year for the next couple of years.

Culta thinks outside the box when looking for new talent by considering new graduates, those looking for new careers, and employees that want to advance in their current roles. They also hire and promote from within the organization. 

Culta is the East Coast’s first outdoor cannabis cultivator, with a three acre outdoor facility for harvesting and  over 20,000 square feet of indoor stackable harvesting space. They use only natural-based products and were the first managed farm in Maryland to be certified by Clean Green Certified. Clean Green Certified is the largest and most award-winning cannabis certification program in the world. All certified facilities must meet strict eligibility requirements.

Culta is excited  about their future in Cambridge and plans to continue to add value back into the community.