New business | Dorchester County EDA

Choptank Engines is a new business in Dorchester County that will re-manufacture  truck and car engines. They will focus on high level distribution  and plan to supply engines to their complimentary company, Powertrain Products. Both Choptank Engines and Powertrain Products are owned and operated by Eddie Symonds. After nearly 14 years of running Powertrain Products in Stevensville, MD, he has decided to start his new production company in Cambridge on Gypsy Hill Road.

Choptank Engines plans to remodel the building and occupy it soon after.  The current footprint of their building is roughly 13,000 square feet. 10,000 square feet will be dedicated to warehouse and manufacturing space. Their goal is to be fully operational by the end of 2021, producing 100 remanufactured engines a month with a staff of a dozen employees. Currently, Choptank Engines is looking to hire 1-2 new entry level machinists to train. 

Symonds is excited to be part of the local community and contribute to the workforce in Dorchester.  He believes they have found a good location that allows ample opportunity for expansion and growth in the future. Their long-term plan is to significantly increase their manufacturing space, employee count, and output. 

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Additional information on Choptank Engines will be available soon.