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Leonard’s Lane Boys & Girls Clubs (BGC) manager, Gabriel Butler, is on a mission to promote the BGC located in Cambridge. Promoting its programs, recruiting volunteers,  speakers and mentors is a top priority. Butler hopes to develop a network of businesses and community partners.  The BGC programs provide the further development of the young people in the local community. 

Butler said, “In terms of economic development a focus on creating a sustainable workforce from youth moving into the area and as well as those within Dorchester’s local communities is of great importance.” 

As work continues creating the future workforce for both current and prospective jobs, organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs (BGC)  play an integral role making sure the youth (ages ranging from 6 to 12 years and teenagers) are in meaningful programs that prepare them for these opportunities.  Programs are designed to strengthen their mental and physical well-being, assisting in their positive development into young adults – and in becoming the future workforce.

June, 2022 marks the one-year anniversary of the first Eastern Shore’s Boys and Girls Club on Leonard’s Lane in Cambridge.

Throughout the year there are programs like the Summer Camp which is an all day, five days per week, for over 6 weeks.  The camp is designed to increase a young person’s abilities and potential in becoming successful in life.

The success of the BGC’s is centered on the use of business and community participants to serve as mentors and volunteers. Current volunteer needs are for Homework Helpers to assist in boosting the academic performance of the participants and Mentors to help build positive relationship with our future leaders. Dorchester County Economic Development’s Business Development Manager, A.C. Alrey said, “I am committed to volunteering and serving as a guest speaker or facilitator during special events and programs in the future. I think this community’s young people are of the utmost importance.”

Recently, the BGC announced an open position for the Youth Development Coordinator. For those who would like to learn more or have an interest in becoming involved as a business and/or community partner please call  (443) 477-8505.