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Alpha Genesis, located in the heart of Downtown Cambridge, is in the midst of transforming the Canvasback Building into a cultural haven to better serve the community and the thousands of annual visitors. The building will have four distinct areas, plus spaces that will be available for parties and events. From their outside deck located by the mural of Harriet Tubman to the newly established Art Bar 2.0; to the soon-to-open Deeply Rooted a cultural indoor public space; and the future Underground Cafe; there will be something for everyone. 

The former Dart Bar will be transformed into a new space named, Deeply Rooted, you will enjoy coffee drinks, a smoothie bar, a historically themed retail shop, healthy “grab and go”  lunch items and much more. The Deeply Rooted space will include book signings, and a stage for storytelling, poetry readings and more historical and cultural awareness events. It will be designed as a place to UNWIND, DECOMPRESS, AND REJUVENATE. While there, you will also have an opportunity to shop in the cultural boutique and buy natural herbs, butter, oils, art jewelry and more.  

As you venture further to the inner core of the building, you will enter into a formal space known as The New York Room which can be leased for private parties or special events.  

The Art Bar 2.0 is an event space with hospitality, culinary and bar services that is currently open for reservations. The space is not a full fledged restaurant but will host events and weekly dinner and shows.  The Art Bar is in its beginning stages and is part of a larger plan to better utilize Cannery Park and the Harriet Tubman Mural. 

 The Art Bar 2.0 is open now. Several events are slated in the upcoming months including the Lower Eastern Shore Mayors Association coming in March. 

Alpha Genesis’ upcoming fundraiser will be held on March 12, 2022 – the evening will highlight a Harriet Tubman Defender Play that includes dinner and a show. This will be a kick-off to the Bi-Centennial Celebration and the continuation of the campaign to get Harriet Tubman on the 20-dollar bill.  

To learn more please visit their website by clicking HERE, or calling them at 410-989-3909.