An annual ten-week program provided by the University of Maryland’s Extension introduces Maryland residents to the business of farming.  The first week of the course started on February 10, 2022 and will end on April 7, 2022 with a graduation ceremony.  Participants attended weekly virtual meetings that focused on the different aspects of business as a farmer in Maryland.

The course is offered statewide by Maryland Extension staff and several participants live on the Eastern Shore. There’s a minimal cost to take the course Courses range from marketing, business planning, pest management, certifications and regulation, soil health, land management and much more.

Currently, business development manager, A.C. Alrey is enrolled in the course gaining a better understanding of farm management while working with Dorchester County businesses that may seek business and technical assistance.  A.C. said, “at this point,  not having a farming background, I’m amazed at the dedication and amount of detailed knowledge our small business farmers have to be aware of.”  He’s even considering a future in farming, possibly after retirement.

Agriculture is Maryland’s largest industry and especially a major one here on the Eastern Shore where farming has and continues to be a way of life.

To learn more visit The Maryland Beginning Farmer Success CourseA copy of the 2022 Course Syllabus is HERE.

For more details on the program, please see the following contacts:

Ms. Neith Little                       

Urban Ag Educator 

UMD Extension

Baltimore City Office


Ms. Emily Zobel 

Ag and Food Systems Educator 

UMD Extension

Dorchester County