By Courtney Rosenfeld of Gig Spark

OCTOBER 19, 2023

When it comes to business communications, data visualization can help you get your point across. If you’re interested in updating your company’s website and incorporating data visualization into the content, here’s how data visualization can improve decision-making within your business, as well as how to preserve formatting for graphs, pie charts, and other layouts.

What is Data Visualization?

Before you can dive into data visualization, you need to understand what it really is. states that data visualization refers to any visual representation of data, like a dashboard, graph, or chart. It illustrates patterns and trends, allowing anyone who looks to understand the data presented.

The Value of Data Visualization

Data visualization can be of use to your business in many ways. You can use data visualization in your marketing materials to illustrate the benefits of your products or services to customers. Additionally, you can incorporate it into presentations for investors so that they can see the high potential of your offerings. Finally, you can use data visualization when connecting with possible business partners to prove that a partnership would be mutually beneficial. Basically, data visualization can be extremely useful in regard to client education, as well as communicating with investors and business partners.

No matter the purpose of these visual aids, you need to consider how different templates lend themselves to better illustrating certain types of data. For example, Sisense states that you can use “gauge indicators” to highlight a single KPI, line charts to clearly display trends, color-coded bar charts to compare several different categories of data, pie charts to demonstrate proportions, column charts for side-by-side value comparisons, or pivot tables to present key figures. It may take some trial and error to determine the best ways to visualize specific data.

Improve Internal Decision-Making

Data visualization isn’t just useful when you’re dealing with business partners, investors, external stakeholders, or clients. It can also be highly beneficial for your internal processes. When your team can evaluate data by looking at visual representations, it’s easier to make smart decisions for your company.

Your employees will be able to glean essential insights about your target customer’s behavior and your company’s audience demographics through data visualization. Furthermore, they can also clearly evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing strategies, allowing you to personalize future campaigns. They’ll also be able to identify opportunities for streamlining operations and mitigating risks.

Choosing the Right Tools

Today, there are many different software platforms for data visualization. Before investing in any specific platforms, think about which types of visualizations you’ll need to create, and consider selecting tools that integrate data collection, analysis, and visualization. You should also consider the ease of use – the right platform should be relatively simple for your employees to integrate into their workflows.

Expanding Your Skills

If your business revolves heavily around data, investing in education with a Master’s in Data Science is a strategic and worthwhile decision. In today’s data-driven business landscape, having advanced expertise in data science can greatly enhance your ability to make informed decisions, derive meaningful insights, and drive your business forward. The ability to access a Master’s in Data Science online offers a convenient and flexible way to gain this valuable knowledge.

These programs cover a range of critical topics such as machine learning, statistical analysis, data visualization, and big data technologies, equipping you with the skills necessary to effectively manage and leverage data in your business. Completing an online Master’s program allows you to balance your professional responsibilities while expanding your expertise, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of data science and its applications in the business world.

At first, data visualization might seem complicated. But with the right tools, creating visualizations of key business data is actually quite simple – and it can help you communicate clearly with internal and external parties. With these tips, you’ll be able to apply data visualization for enhanced decision-making, preserve data formatting when emailing documents, and more.

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