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Looking for a job? There are several job openings in Dorchester County and the surrounding areas. Employers in Dorchester County alone have listed over 1800 jobs in the last 60 days on the Maryland Workforce Exchange. A total of 349 separate job orders covering 1860 different positions were entered in the months of October and November. Several local businesses are hiring and positions run from welders to poultry workers.

Dorchester County Economic Development works closely with the Department of Labor and Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) to provide businesses with job related resources. DLLR has many programs and services available that provide job development and employment training to help citizens get the skills and expertise they need to join Maryland’s workforce.

The Maryland Business Works, an incumbent worker training program that is currently being offered by DLLR in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Commerce. The program supports retention, growth and expansion for small businesses and requires a dollar-for-dollar match by the employer. The training funds can be used to upgrade the skills of current employees while also creating opportunities for new hires.

To find employment visit To learn more about DLLR programs or to enter a job opening please contact Dave Prossner at