FREE Webinar: Let’s Talk Taxes and Economic Trends

The economy’s direction over the next 18 months seems anything but certain. How does your business prepare and plan when economic indicators appear to contradict themselves almost daily. The panelists on this webinar will offer best practices for steering your business as the topics of inflation, interest rates, growth projection and others swirl around. You’ll learn ways to focus on economic indicators that most impact your operations and not be distracted by others. The discussion will also look at tax provisions that may benefit businesses with opportunities that arise in the uncertainty.

Webinar topics of discussion:

  • How can business leaders find which forward-looking economic data or forecasts are best suited for their business?
  • What is the risk of following the trend when looking at various states? For example, it might seem a safe bet to expand more in fast-growing Florida and Texas rather than a slower-growing state, but what should also be considered in planning where to expand?
  • Businesses may not be able to influence expectations of weak economic growth, but what can a company do with its operations, such as marketing, sales, cash management that can help it be successful regardless of the projections?

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Sponsored by: Intuit Quickbooks and The Business Journals


Event Details

  • Start Date: 23-March-2023 2:00 PM
  • End Date: 23-March-2023 3:00 PM
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