DCED Celebrates EDAC Members

EDAC Meeting 002
Dorchester County Economic Development Advisory Council (l to r): Ms. Keasha Haythe, Ms. Kathy Coursey, Mr. Santo Grande, Ms. Valerie Brown, Ms. Amanda Fenstermaker, Mr. Johnny Shockley, Ms. Tracy Tyler, Mr. Mike LeMire, Mr. Michael Dugan, Ms. Nicholette Smith-Bligen, Mr. Lingan (Lin) Spicer, and Ms. Janelle Henry Buck. Not pictured: Mr. Roger Harrell, Ms. Mary Calloway, Ms. Deborah Divins, Reverend Yvonne Penn, Ms. Mickey Love, and Dr. Henry Wagner.

The Dorchester County Economic Development (DCED) Office acknowledged the Dorchester County Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC) with a breakfast and appreciation certificates after serving three years together.  Representing various industry sectors, EDAC is composed of community business owners and CEOs.

“We are much further than we were in 2012. The knowledge and expertise of CEOs in Dorchester County is truly valuable,” said Dorchester County Economic Development Director Keasha Haythe.  The advisory council was created for the purpose of sharing ideas, solutions, and creative approaches to economic development concerns and issues facing the county’s businesses.  EDAC members are approved by the Dorchester County Council and serve a two-year term with a one-year extension.

Meeting quarterly, the EDAC group garners support for DCED.  The meetings are open to the public and held at the DCED office on Bucktown Road.  To find out more about EDAC or to attend a quarterly meeting, please contact the Dorchester County Economic Development Office at 410.228.0155.