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COVID-19 Grant Relief Program

Dorchester Announces COVID Grant Relief Program

The Dorchester County Council approved a second round of the COVID-19 Grant Relief Program. Funding priority will be given to businesses who have not received and federal, state or county economic assistance at the time of their application.  The remaining applications who have received other COVID funding will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

Applications are available online at www.ChooseDorchester.org and must be completed and submitted by August 17, 2020. Paper applications are available Monday through Friday (8:30-4:30) from the Dorchester County Economic Development Office located at the Eastern Shore Innovation Center, 104 Tech Park Drive in Cambridge.


The COVID-19 Grant Relief Program is a fund established to help Dorchester County’s small businesses harmed by the coronavirus pandemic. Grants of $3,000 plus $100 per employee will be awarded.

Grant Terms & Use of Funds

Dorchester County will provide small business with funding relief for qualifying expenditures including: Payroll; rent or mortgage; operating expenses; inventory acquisition; working capital; personal protective equipment; and/or sanitizers.

Funds cannot be used for capital improvements or personal expenses. A grant report is due 60 days after receipt of funding. All grant funds must be returned to the county if a business fails to reopen.


To qualify, small businesses must:

  • Be a for-profit or non-profit that meets certain criteria
  • Have 50 or fewer employees
  • Demonstrate a loss of revenue and disruption due to COVID-19
  • Have been in operation prior to February 1, 2020
  • Be in good standing with the State of Maryland, and registered if required by law
  • Not currently be in default on any loans from Dorchester County or delinquent on any taxes owed Dorchester County

Must have had continuous non-profit standing with the Federal Government for 3 or more years and have an established location in Dorchester
Non- Profits must meet one of the following criteria:
-Increase local job opportunities
-Have 1 full-time paid employee
-Provide support services to local businesses
-Promote Tourism
-Support Business Retention
-Expansion/Promotion of Arts and Entertainment

Churches; social clubs; investment real estate firms; financial institutions; government agencies; and new business ventures are not eligible.

How to ApplyInstructions & Required Documents

Qualifying businesses must complete a two-page application and email, mail or drop off to along with the following attachments:

  • 2019 W3 IRS Form
  • 2019 Tax Return, Schedule C or 990-N
  • 2019 W-9 IRS form
  • Profit and Loss Statement-Monthly operating expenses and revenues for 2020 relative to 2019*

Delivery Instructions 

By E-mail:                  info@ChooseDorchester.org


COVID-19 Grant Relief Program
c/o Dorchester County Economic Development Office
104 Tech Park Drive
Cambridge, MD 21613

Application Review & Approval

Applications will be date and time stamped when received electronically or in person. All fields in the application must be completed and required documents attached in order to be considered.